SANC Registration Fees And Annual Practising Certificate Structure (2025)

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SANC registration fees and annual practicing certificate structure for 2025 are out. Nurses and Midwives who want to pay to register to start or continue their practice should be aware of the new payable amounts.

In this article, you will learn the official South African Nursing Council registration fees and annual practicing certificate structure for 2025.

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SANC Registration Fees and Annual Practising Certificate Structure 2025

Nurses and Midwives who want to start, continue, or resume their practice must pay the SANC fees to keep their certificate legitimate.

Practitioners who fail to pay the SANC annual fees will get the certificate to practice and hence, will not be able to get employment in the health care system.

How much are the SANC registration annual fees for 2025?

This circular serves as a confirmation of the South African Nursing Council (SANC) fees and fines as stipulated in the Government Gazette.

SANC Fees for 2025

Below are the SANC fees for 2025 for different categories of practitioners.

SANC normal annual fees 2025

Registered Nurses and MidwivesR780.00
Enrolled Nurses and MidwivesR470.00
Enrolled Nursing Auxiliaries R330.00

Reductions in annual fees for ages 60 and over

The South African Nursing Council (SANC) has implemented a structure to reduce the annual fees for nurses 60 years of age and above.

The tables below show the ages and the payable SANC Fees.

60 to 64 years of age in January 2025 (25% reduction)

Registered Nurses and MidwivesR590.00
Enrolled Nurses and MidwivesR350.00
Enrolled Nursing AuxiliariesR250.00

65 years and older on January 2025 (50% reduction)

Registered Nurses and MidwivesR390.00
Enrolled Nurses and MidwivesR230.00
Enrolled Nursing AuxilliariesEnrolled Nursing Auxiliaries

Candidates are to be aware that, to qualify for the discount amount, SANC requires them to submit their Identity Documents to be able to confirm their age.

What is the closing date for SANC Fee payment 2025?

The closing date for the SANC registration fee payment for 2025 is 31 December 2024. SANC expects the payment to reach its bank account on or before the closing date.

Again, candidates who are registering with the South African Nursing Council to start, keep, or resume practicing in 2025 have up until 31 December 2024.

SANC advises practitioners to not wait till the last minute to avoid issues associated with registration for the calendar year.

Also, candidates should know that bank transfers from non-FNB banks may take up to 3 working days and are, therefore, advised to pay in advance to meet the 31 December 2024 deadline.

Who must pay SANC fees?

Two categories of health practitioners are expected to pay the SANC registration fees for the annual practicing registration. These groups of health practitioners are;

1. Persons currently practicing in the Republic of South Africa

This includes every person registered with the South African Nursing Council (SANC) who wishes to continue his/her profession in the Republic of South Africa in the health care system.

The rule applies to those who want to practice in the following year and don’t want their registrations and certificates to expire. They are to pay before or on the payment closing date.

2. Persons who want to be restored to the SANC register

This is for practitioners who want to be restored to the South African Nursing Council (SANC) register to be able to resume practicing his/her profession in the Republic of South Africa.

Candidates will pay the SANC fees in addition to the fees for the restoration form. This group of practitioners are told the Annual Practising Certificate will only be issued if the application for restoration is approved.

SANC will refund the annual fees if the restoration is not approved for the person.

When must SANC registration fees be paid for annual registration?

The usual due date for SANC fee payment normally falls on 31 December of the year preceding of registration.

Thus, if you’re registering or restoring for 2025, you must pay the SANC fees before 31 December 2024.

Candidates who want to pay early can start payment from 1 July of the current year, which is the year preceding the year of which it is due- no earlier than July.

Again, it is the responsibility of registered or enrolled practitioners to make sure that their payment reaches SANC by the payment closing date.

If your remittance is sent by post, please allow sufficient time for it to reach the Council by the due date.

WARNING:  If you wish to pay at the Council offices during December, please be WARNED that you should pay early in the month to avoid disappointment due to any year-end closing of the Council offices. 

You are also WARNED that queues can sometimes be very long at that time.  Council RECOMMENDS that you consider paying your fee to the bank to avoid any problems/inconvenience.

this is sanc annual fee

Can I pay half of my SANC Fees To Register?

No, candidates are required to pay the full amount of the charged fee to the South African Nursing Council (SANC) before their registration is processed.

SANC will not register practitioners who make half payment for their registration nor will it restore candidates who make half payment to the register.

All SANC fees must be paid in full to complete the registration.

You should gather additional information from the SANC webpage

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