SANC Restoration Application (2024)

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SANC restoration application is quite simple and nurses who want to restore their names to the SANC Register to get the Annual Practising Certificate must apply.

In this article, you’re going to learn to complete the SANC restoration application, and what you need to make the restoration application successful.

We should go straight to the application for SANC restoration for the 2024 calendar year.

this is application for sanc restoration

SANC Restoration Application 2024

Here is how to complete the SANC restoration application.

  1. Complete the SANC’s Application for Restoration form
  2. Pay the required restoration fee
  3. Pay the annual licensing fee for the year in which you intend to resume practicing

Any nurse or midwife who intends to resume practicing their profession and is not currently on the SANC’s Register must first apply for restoration to the register.

Again, a nurse or a midwife can be restored to the South African Nursing Council register only by completing the SANC restoration form, paying the required restoration fee, and paying the annual licensing fee for the year in which he/she wants to resume practicing.

How much is the SANC Restoration Fee?

This is the new South African Nursing Council Restoration fees for the categories of nurses and midwives.

Applicants applying for SANC restoration will have to pay the amount of the category they fall under in full.

Registered Nurses and MidwivesR2 340.00R160.00
Enrolled Nurses and MidwivesR1 410.00R160.00
Enrolled Nursing Auxiliary R990.00R160.00
Retired NursesR160.00R160.00

Can SANC restore nurses in its register without application?

Yes, the South African Nursing Council can restore nurses and midwives in its register without the nurse or midwife applying.

However, SANC will only do this in a case where the nurse or midwife was mistakenly removed from the register.

The South African Nursing Council (SANC) will automatically restore the name of the nurse or midwife without the person paying an additional restoration fee.

Furthermore, if a person has been removed from the SANC Register erroneously, they can send their full personal and SANC details to SANC for the Council to make the corrections.

Note: Failure to pay the annual fee because you did not receive a reminder because you did not know what the correct fee amount was, or any other such excuse will not be considered as a reason for automatic restoration. 

The Nursing Act, 2005 makes it clear that it is the responsibility of each registered or enrolled person to pay the annual fee, to pay the correct fee amount, and to pay it on time.

On the other hand, nurses or midwives whose name was removed by request or by not paying for the Annual Practising Certificate must apply for their names to

Can a nurse not be restored into SANC?

Nurses who cannot be restored are those who do not apply to be restored. Once a nurse qualifies to be restored, the South African Nursing Council (SANC) will process his/her restoration application and restore him/her to the registered nursing register.

What happens if a nurse does not complete the SANC restoration application?

Additionally, If a nurse’s registration lapses, for example, they stop practising, they don’t revalidate, they don’t pay their fee, or they are struck off for some serious disciplinary reason, then they can no longer call themselves a Registered Nurse.

Can nurses resume practice without doing SANC restoration application?

No, nurses and midwives who want to resume practice must complete the SANC restoration application for the South African Nursing Council to put their names back in the registered nurses register.

All nurses and midwives who want to practice in the healthcare system in South Africa must be registered by the South African Nursing Council.

For further inquiries, go to the SANC restoration page

In conclusion, application for SANC restoration is important for all nurses and midwives who want to resume practice in the South African healthcare system. You cannot resume to practice of nursing or midwifery without restoring your registration with the South African Nursing Council (SANC).

this is sanc application for restoration

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