How To Apply For SANC Restoration To Register

How to apply for SANC restoration to register. The South African Nursing Council has introduced a simple method for applying to register for restoration.

Nurses who wish to resume practice and would have to restore their names in the SANC Register can now apply.

In this article, you’ll learn how to apply for SANC restoration to register your name. Let us go straight to how to complete the application for SANC restoration.

this is how to apply for sanc restoration

How To Apply For SANC Restoration To Register

These are the three (3) simple steps to apply for SANC restoration to register your name into the South African Nursing Council Annual Practising Certificate Register.

  1. Download and complete the SANC Application for Restoration form
  2. Pay in full the required SANC restoration fee
  3. Pay in full the Annual Practice Licensing Certificate fee

Every nurse wishing to be restored to the SANC Register to practice in the healthcare system in the Republic of South Africa must apply for SANC restoration.

Downloading SANC Application for Restoration Form

Nurses can download the South African Nursing Council; SANC Application for Restoration Form. The official form can be downloaded from the SANC website.

Moreover, Nurses can pick up the restoration form from the Nursing Education Institution (NEIs) they completed or from the Provincial Department of Health in their province.

Completing SANC Application for Restoration Form

After downloading the forms to apply for SANC Restoration to register your name in the Council’s Register, you must complete the form by providing all the required information, both personal and educational records.

Here are the instructions for completing the SANC restoration application form.

  1. Fill in the application form using a blue or black ballpoint pen
  2. Print all information using block letters
  3. All information is required (unless otherwise indicated)
  4. Sign and date the form in the space provided
  5. Pay in full the total amount by referring to the payment instructions indicated on the application form.
  6. Post your completed application form together with the required fees (and a certified copy of your identity document if required) to the Council at the address given below.
  7. You may also deposit the required fees into the Council’s bank account (see details below) and fax copies of the required documents and deposit slip to the Council by fax number 012 420 1084 / 0123435400 or Email The fax machines on these numbers are generally available 24 hours per day, seven days a week.
  8. The above fees include 15% VAT and are correct at the time of printing. Fees are however subject to increase. If you are applying for restoration of your name after 30 June 2023, please contact the Council to establish the correct fee amounts. Alternatively, visit the Council website to check the fee amounts.

Paying the fee for SANC Restoration application

Nurses must pay in full the total SANC Restoration Fee when applying to restore their names in the South African Nursing Council’s register for the Annual Practising Certificate Register.

The restoration fee for the 2024 registration is shown below.

Registered Nurses and MidwivesR2 340.00R160.00
Enrolled Nurses and MidwivesR1 410.00R160.00
Enrolled Nursing Auxiliary R990.00R160.00
Retired NursesR160.00R160.00

Again, Nurses must make sure they pay directly to the bank account provided on the restoration form.

Here is the South African Nursing Council (SANC) bank account.

BANKFirst National Bank (FNB
Account NameS A Nursing Council
Account Number51421186193
Branch Number253-145
ReferenceUse your 8-digit S A Nursing Council reference number followed immediately by
the transaction code RESTFEE – which indicates that this payment is in respect
of your application for restoration. Please note that there must be no space
between your number and RESTFEE For Example: 12345678RESTFEE

Paying SANC Annual Practising Licenses Fee

It is very important for Nurses applying to restore their names to SANC register must pay the Annual Practising Licensing fee in addition to the restoration form fee.

Nurses are also to make sure they only pay the fee of their category practice.

How do I restore my SANC registration?

Nurses who want to resume practicing their profession must apply for SANC restoration with the SANC restoration form in addition to paying the reduced restoration fee. Nurses will be required to complete a Restoration Form which can be accessed from the SANC website,

More importantly, it must be noted that practicing while not being registered is illegal and so, nurses must be registered.

Who should apply for SANC restoration to register?

These are the categories of nurses who qualify to apply for SANC restoration to register their names in the South African Nursing Council registered nurses.

  • Nurses who are removed for non-payment of the annual licensing fee
  • Nurses who are removed at their request (when no longer practicing)
  • Nurses who are removed in execution of the sentence following a professional conduct hearing;
  • Nurses who are removed administratively for failure to notify the Council of your correct address;
  • Nurses who are removed on the expiry of a limited registration; or 
  • Nurses who are removed because the Council has been informed that the person is deceased.

Contact details for applying for SANC restoration

S A Nursing Council Contact details for Nurses to contact or post forms for restoration.

The Registrar

South African Nursing Council

Privat Bag X132



Telephone: 012 420 1000

Fax: 012 343 5400 (24-hours)


For further inquiry about applying for SANC restoration to register your name, visit

this is sanc restoration to register application

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