How To Apply To SG Lourens Nursing College (2025)

This is how to apply to SG Lourens Nursing College for study admission. Candidates who want to study nursing at SG Lourens must apply for an admission offer.

SG Lourens has opened its applications for interested students to apply for admission to study the various nursing programmes the college offers.

In this article, you’ll learn how to apply to SG Lourens Nursing College online, and with the application form too. We should, therefore, jump straight to it.

this is the process to apply to sg lourens nursing college

How to apply to SG Lourens Nursing College

  1. Go to
  2. Click on Register Profile
  3. Complete your profile and click save
  4. Click on Login, enter your username (ID Number) and password
  5. Click on the UPDATE RESUME to complete your details (personal, school, training, work, and reference)
  7. Click on apply, your profile details should be displayed
  8. Choose the center, and add all four in order of preference
  9. Click on Submit
  10. Make sure you take note of the Own Reference Number after submitting your application

You should be able to submit your SG Lourens application successfully, should you follow the above application process.

Documents for SG Lourens Nursing College application

Prospective students who are applying for study admission at SG Lourense Nursing College in the Gauteng Province must be able to provide the following application documents.

  • A certified copy of your photo ID (ID document is required for South African citizens. Your application will not be processed without your ID documents)
  • Passport Number for international applicants
  • A unique email address when applying to SG Lourens College of Nursing online
  • Receipt of payment of registration fee (compulsory for South African Nationals and International applicants)
  • A working phone number
  • Final exam qualification results: Final Grade for Grade 12 (if available). Grade 11 score if you’re currently in Grade 12

It is well to know that applicants must have these documents or their application will not be successful.

How to track SG Lourens Nursing College application

Applicants who have successfully submitted their applications to the SG Lourens Nursing College are advised to keep track of their applications.

The SG Lourens Nursing College takes 60 days to respond to approximately 100 days to respond to applications. Therefore, applicants can start tracking their applications 3 months after they have successfully applied.

Thus, applicants will have to keep checking their email address in the hope of getting a mail from the SG Lourens Nursing College.

What courses can you apply to study at SG Lourense Nursing College?

Candidates who are interested in having their nursing qualification from the SG Lourens Nursing College can do so by studying one of these nursing programmes offered by the college.

  • Diploma in Nursing
  • Advanced Diploma in Midwifery
  • Postgraduate Diploma in Primary Care Nursing

Currently, these are the three (3) nursing programs registered and accredited by the appropriate bodies like the South African Nursing Council (SANC) to SG Lourens Nursing College to offer.

Where do I apply for admission at SG Lourens Nursing College?

Prospective applicants can apply to SG Lourens online or by application form. To apply online, candidates will have to go to the website to complete the online forms.

On the other hand, applicants can go to the SG Lourense campus to complete a hardcopy papa-base form for their study admission application.

Where is SG Lourens Nursing College located?

The SG Lourens Nursing College is located in Pretoria with the address Soutpansberg Rd & Theodore Hove Ave, Prinshof 349-Jr, Pretoria, 0084.

In conclusion, knowing how to apply to SG Lourens Nursing College if you’re interested in studying at this Gauteng Province public college is important.

Applicants should have their documents ready before they start applying and most importantly, apply on time.

this is sg lourens nursing college

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