How To Pay SANC Fees Online (2024)

How to pay SANC fees online 2024. Nurses who are paying for registration or restoration with the South African Nursing Council for the Annual Practising Certificate can do so online.

In this article, you’re going to learn how to pay SANC fees online to complete our registration or restoration onto the Council’s Register.

this is how to pay sanc fee online

How to Pay SANC fees online 2024

Nurses can now pay sanc fees online. Thus, the South African Nursing Council has made it possible for nurses to pay annual fees with internet banking and mobile banking.

  1. Go into Internet banking.
  2. Click on Payments.
  3. Click on Add new Company beneficiary button.
  4. Enter the one time password sent to your cellphone or e-mail address.
  5. Choose the company from the list.
  6. The screen will allow you to search by Company Name.
  7. Type ‘S’ (space) ‘A’ in the Company Name field and click on Search.  (This is where most clients have difficulty – you must type capital letter ‘S’ followed by one space and the capital letter ‘A’ – if you type anything else or even leave out the space you will not see S A Nursing Council listed.  As an alternative, you can try typing a single ‘S’ which will also work, but the list will be much longer.)
  8. Select “S A NURSING COUNCIL” from the drop-down list and click on Select.
  9. The company number for the Council (42280051885) will be filled in by the system.  (This is a number used by Standard Bank to refer to the Council bank account – it is not our bank account number and you should not be worried that it is different from the Council bank account number.)
  10. Enter something like ‘SANC FEES’ in the My reference section – this information will appear on YOUR bank statement.
  11. Enter your Council reference number in the Beneficiary reference section – this information will be printed on the COUNCIL bank statement and is very important for the correct allocation of your payment!  (Your Council reference number is the 8-digit number starting with a ‘1’ that is always printed on all correspondence from the Council.  Check this number very carefully.  Standard Bank’s system will not allow you to type anything else besides your Council reference number in the Beneficiary reference section – not even your name.)
  12. Click on Continue.
  13. Check the details on the confirmation screen.
  14. If you are satisfied that everything is correct, click on Confirm.
  15. S A Nursing Council will now be set up as a beneficiary on your account.

After you have completed setting up the beneficiary on your account, you can proceed to pay your SANC fees online as you would do for any other bank account payment.

Guide to paying SANC fees online

  1. Use the Council banking details.
  2. You must ensure that the Council can positively identify who the payment is from.  Make sure that the details that will be printed in the Council’s bank statement contain your 8-digit Council reference number followed immediately by the annual fees payment type code “ANLFEES“.  Check that this information is correct!  It is not necessary to add any other information such as “Ref.”, “SANC”, etc. – this sometimes hides the important information because some of the banks cut off information that is too long.  Companies are warned that their banking systems often only print the company name (by default) in Council’s bank statement and Council receives no other information to identify the nurse for whom the payment is made.  The following example is given to show the format required.  You should substitute your details where necessary. Example:


  1. Allow 4 weeks for your annual receipt and license to practice to reach you by post.
  2. Council staff cannot help you with queries regarding your bank’s electronic systems – please refer your queries to your bank. (Standard Bank Internet banking clients – please see the notes in the following section).

SANC Bank Account

SANC Bank DetailsFirst National Bank(FNB)
Branch nameCorporate Core Banking – Pretoria
Branch code253145
Account nameSA Nursing Council No 2 Account
Account number514 211 86 193
South African Bank Account

Can I pay SANC fees online?

Yes, nurses can pay SANC fees online. The South African Nursing Council electronic payment allows nurses to make payments of their fees via Internet banking, cell phone banking, and ATM

Will SANC receive my online payment correctly?

Yes the South African Nursing Council will receive your online payment as allocated. SANC processes all online payments into its bank account.

However, nurses hold the responsibility to make sure they do the online payment correctly and use the official SANC bank account for the online payment.

this is the right way to pay sanc fee online

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